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Panel Proposal Form Opens Wednesday, March 18, 12pmET and Closes Tuesday, March 24, 9pm ET.

Please read the following before submitting your panel!

Information for Panel Proposals

  • Everywhere Book Fest will host virtual panels of authors and illustrators geared toward PB, MG, and YA readers, their families, and educators.
  • Proposals should be submitted for complete panels (up to 3 people for a PB/MG panel; up to 4 people for a YA panel). If you were scheduled to be on a panel at an event that was recently canceled, feel free to just propose that exact panel!
  • Panels will be prioritized toward authors releasing books in March, April, May 2020 and authors whose events have been canceled due to COVID-19. Panels must include diversity as defined by We Need Diverse Books.
  • Everywhere Book Fest will not provide moderators. Panel authors will be expected to moderate their discussion. Please keep this in mind when selecting your fellow panelists!
  • The panel selection committee will be looking for highly engaging panels. We know that you want to promote your book, but try to think of something other than sitting around booktalking or reading. It’s more likely your panel will be chosen if it’s dynamic! Use the virtual nature of this event to your advantage. You could do a skit, a cooking demo, act out fight scenes, incorporate your pets, whatever. Be creative!

Indie Bookseller Partners

We know our indie bookseller friends have been hit hard by all the book event cancellations. We aim to direct business their way by highlighting an indie bookstore in each panel session where attendees can purchase your books.

Please indicate one indie bookseller where attendees can go to purchase your panelists’ books.


  • We may broadcast your panel live with Streamyard. Sessions will be automatically recorded and will appear on our YouTube channel after broadcast.
  • If your session is selected, you will work with one of our Tech Hosts members to practice.
  • Plan to be available at least one hour before your scheduled session to have a final technology check.
  • Please adhere to a 30 or 45 minute session as assigned.


  • Required: A reliable, fast, secure internet connection. We recommend a hardwired, high bandwidth internet connection or at the least a very strong wifi network.
  • Required: A webcamera. The one in your laptop works perfectly well. We do not recommend using a tablet or phone.
  • Required: Reliable, crisp audio. We highly recommend using headphones to prevent feedback. Headphones with a microphone provide the best audio (the ones that come with iDevices work fine).
  • Very important: Due to United States law and Google/Youtube’s strict copyright rules, you may not play audio, video, or show images or text that you do not own or that do not meet fair-use laws. You must accept our Terms and Conditions, including acknowledgment of copyright law, in order to submit a proposal. Google’s Copyright page is really helpful for understanding these rules.

Panel Proposal Submission Form

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