Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch the videos of the Everywhere Book Fest panels?
The Everywhere Book Fest opened its virtual doors on May 1 & 2, 2020. All the festival content was recorded and you can still catch every panel here on our website, or by heading to our YouTube channel!

Who is the intended audience for this festival?
The Everywhere Book Fest panels are perfect for readers of all ages, including kids, teens, families, teachers, and librarians! The few panels that contain content best for mature audiences will include a warning in the video description and onscreen. 

Did you offer ASL interpretation during your festival? 
Yes, our wonderful ASL interpreters were present for all of our live events and for many of our pre-recorded panels. Thank you to the ASL interpretation team for helping us keep the festival accessible!

Where can I purchase books by the authors?
We would love for you to purchase books from independent bookstores! You can purchase our authors’ featured books from indie stores by visiting our online bookstore.

Will you be holding another Everywhere Book Fest? 
The Everywhere Book Fest was born out of a desire to bring readers and authors together even though in-person events had been canceled due to Covid-19. We are thrilled by the positive response the festival has garnered from readers all over the world! At this time, we have not decided if there will be a second Everywhere Book Fest. Please check back for updates!

How can I follow updates from the festival?
We will post updated information here on our website and on our Twitter and Instagram pages. You can also subscribe to the Everywhere Book Fest YouTube channel.