Festival Day 2

Illustration Fight to the Death

Renowned picture book illustrators Adam Rex (UNSTOPPABLE), Molly Idle (CORAL), Juana Martinez-Neal (SWASHBY AND THE SEA), and Shannon Wright (TWINS) draw spontaneous suggestions made by YOU, the live viewing audience. A nail-biting no-holds-barred competition that will lay bare just how easy it is for artists to approach the same subject in vastly different ways—and lead […]

Plot on the Spot!

What happens when kid lit authors have to create a plot on the spot? Find out when bestselling authors Sarah Mlynowski (WHATEVER AFTER), Max Brailler (LAST KIDS ON EARTH), Stuart Gibbs (TYRANNOSAURUS WRECKS), and Christina Soontornvat (A WISH IN THE DARK) join forces to play a hilarious improv storytelling game!

Capturing a Life: Writing and Art about Real People

How does real life became art? Children get a glimpse of Jennifer Keelan-Chaffin’s daily life at home in her motorized wheelchair, followed by a short discussion by Annette Bay Pimentel about the process of interviewing Jennifer for the picture book biography about her: ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP. The video concludes with a studio […]

I Am My Own Hero

What happens when kids become the heroes of their own story? Authors Mike Jung (THE BOYS IN THE BACK ROW), Donna Barba Higuera (LUPE WONG WON’T DANCE), and Daniel Nayeri (EVERYTHING SAD IS UNTRUE) explore how their characters become the source of incredible connections—forming bonds and agreements—despite their different perspectives or approaches to a particular […]

Marie Lu

Bestselling author Marie Lu, (LEGEND Series, DC’s BATMAN), reveals how moments in history inspired her latest work, how she is staying hopeful during the pandemic, and talks about how she overcame the fear of rejection.

Home and Belonging: Immigrant Stories in Middle Grade Literature

What does home and belonging mean to you? After a short reading of their work, celebrated kid lit authors will have a candid conversation about what home and belonging mean to them personally. Readers will be invited to draw a picture or write a poem or story that describes what these things mean to them […]

To Create a STEAM Book You Must Fall in Love

This is a panel about art, math and yes—love. Author Amy Alznauer and illustrator Daniel Miyares (THE BOY WHO DREAMED OF INFINITY) share their backstory, their techniques in real-time (with a live-drawing demo), and finally how they continue to discover a rich world of STEAM activities through the book they create. Come dream of infinity, […]